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Cloud based platform

iKure uses a cloud based platform, through which information is accessible by authorized personnel from anywhere, as and when required.

Device Interface

Can be integrated with basic medical equipment like Sphygmomanometer, ECG, Glucometer, etc.

Can Work Offline

Data can be collected offline and stored, and uploaded later to the central server when internet connection resumes.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a critical component for effective supply chain. Enabled with data analytics and predictive analysis, WHIMS will provide increased visibility of relevant data and spot key trends, patterns, and potential distribution within supply chain and plan right risk mitigation strategy.

Data Security

Limited and secured access to central server, which helps in maintaining data privacy. Separate access for CHWs,Doctors and Admin to avoid any manipulation of data (if any).

Multi-device accessibility

WHIMS model can be integrated on both PCs/laptops and Android tablets, empowering WHIMS to be location independent.

Tracking and Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring mechanism of WHIMS can empower supply chain management to track demand and supply gap in real time. The information stored on WHIMS can be monitored and fed-back into the supply chain management processes to drive better warehouse, distribution management, transportation management, production planning, order collaboration, etc.

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